New Crime Drama — Happy Valley and Hinterland

Two new crime dramas begin next week on the BBC.

Happy Valley is a six-parter about the botched kidnapping of a young girl. You can watch a promo here and then tune in for the first episode on Tuesday, April 29th at 9.

Hinterland is set in Wales. DCI Tom Mathias, fresh from the Met in London, will investigate four separate crimes. The first concerns the dark past of a former children’s home. The show will air on Monday, April 28th at 9. Here’s a promo.


Interesting Fact: The filming of Hinterland appears to have been quite the undertaking – brutal weather aside; they had to film all the scenes with dialogue twice. Once in English and once in Welsh!

Reminder: Series 2 of The Bletchley Circle and Series 3 of Call the Midwife are currently airing on Sundays on PBS. You can catch up on the first few episodes of both online.

Coming Soon (ish) to PBS

These shows have already aired (or are currently running) in the UK, but US fans won’t have to wait for too long —

Series 3 of Call The Midwife will debut on March 30th.

The second series of The Bletchley Circle will begin on Sunday, April 13th.

Last Tango in Halifax, series 2, will air starting June 29th.

Visit PBS for more information about these and other shows coming in 2014.

The Bletchley Circle Returns

Series two of this code-breaking crime drama will return to ITV on January 6th.  The new series will consist of four episodes which will make up two, two-part stories.

The first story picks up a year after the events in series one.  Another former Bletchley Circle woman is on trial for murder and only her fellow decoders can save her from the noose.

In the second story one of the women gets inadvertently involved in shady dealings and is kidnapped.

Series two will air on PBS sometime during spring 2014.  I’ll send along exact dates once they are announced.

BBC and ITV Fall/Winter Drama Trailers

You can see the ITV trailer here.  Watch for artful references to classic series of the past – Prime Suspect, Morse — as well as for glimpses of Vera, Whitechapel, The Bletchley Circle, Poirot, Downton Abbey…

The BBC’s promo is here and gives hints of Sherlock, Quirke, Ripper Street and much more.

Very slick and exciting!

The Bletchley Circle Gets a Second Season

There’s good news today for fans of The Bletchley Circle.  ITV announced that it has commissioned a second series that will consist of four 60 minute episodes which will tell two distinct two-part stories.

The new series will pick up in 1953 about a year after the events of the first.  Our four code-breakers have all moved on with their lives and careers but are pulled back into crime solving when another former wartime colleague is due to hang for a crime she didn’t commit.

The second two-part story will deal with human trafficking.

Those of you watching the first series on PBS take note that the final episode is only available online until this Sunday, May 12th.

Reminder — The Bletchley Circle airing now on PBS

The Bletchley Circle is set in post WWII London and follows a group of women who undertook top-secret code breaking during the war who become involved in a series of murders because they, from their war work, can see patterns that the police have missed.

The first two episodes have already aired on PBS and the second one is available online until Sunday May 5th when the third and final episode will broadcast.


PBS in April – Call The Midwife & The Bletchley Circle

Amidst all the new tv drama premieres in the UK here are two PBS shows for North American viewers:

First, Call the Midwife season two began showing on Sunday nights on March 31st.  Fans can look forward to seven more episodes, as well as (eventually) a Christmas special, of this glass half full drama about midwives working in East London in the 1950s.  The first episode is available online at PBS.

Second is The Bletchley Circle starting on Sunday, April 21st.  This three-part murder mystery is set in post WWII London.  A group of women use the top-secret code breaking skills that they acquired during the war to track a serial killer.  You can check out a promo here.


Aside: For UK Endeavour fans the date for the series one premiere has now been set – Sunday, April 14th at 8pm on ITV.