Reminder: Series One of Endeavour Begins This Sunday

Lewis may have ended but you need not be completely Oxford deprived.  Endeavour begins this Sunday, July 7th at 9 on PBS.  You can see previews for each of the upcoming episodes here and until July 23rd you can also watch the original pilot episode.

For a limited time (also until July 23rd) the final three Lewis episodes will also be available online at PBS.

Endeavour – First Trailer for the upcoming ITV series

Endeavour, the one-off prequel to the classic series Morse based on the novels of Colin Dexter, performed well for ITV last year so they commissioned a full series of four episodes.  The series is set to begin airing sometime between April 13th and April 19th with an episode entitled Girl about the death of a young woman that everyone except Morse is ready to put down to natural causes.

ITV has just released the first trailer for the series.

The original one-off Endeavour was aired by PBS.  It was a quality production with fine acting by leads Shaun Evans (the young Morse) and Roger Allam (his boss, DI Fred Thursday) and hopefully PBS will pick up this new series as well.