Christie and the BBC – and a Lewis Trailer!

Now that ITV has aired the final Poirot episode, it’s the BBC’s turn to take on the Agatha Christie canon. Their first two commissions include a new adaptation of, And Then There Were None, and a six-part series featuring Christie’s husband and wife sleuths, Tommy and Tuppence.

In the meantime, those craving a golden age fix can enjoy a Miss Marple double-header on PBS this Sunday, September 21st  – A Caribbean Mystery and Greenshaw’s Folly.

Also, check out the new promo for Lewis. PBS will air the first of three new episodes on October 5th.

Curtain – A Promo for Poirot’s Last Case

Poirot confined to a wheelchair (and as particular as ever), Hastings widowed, and the pair of them back at Styles where they solved their first case.  It will be sad to see them go but it looks like it will be a quality send-off.  Check out the promo here.

You can also check out a recent interview with David Suchet, the actor who has played Poirot for 25 years, about what it has been like to inhabit such a beloved character for so many years.

Curtain will air Wednesday, November 13 at 8pm on ITV.

Poirot Soon to Solve his Last Case

The final four episodes of ITV’s Poirot begin with The Big Four on Wednesday, October 23rd.  The Belgian sleuth will be reunited with Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp and Miss Lemon.  By the time the last episode (Curtain) airs David Suchet will have brought to life each of Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories.

Here is a short promo/tribute.

BBC and ITV Fall/Winter Drama Trailers

You can see the ITV trailer here.  Watch for artful references to classic series of the past – Prime Suspect, Morse — as well as for glimpses of Vera, Whitechapel, The Bletchley Circle, Poirot, Downton Abbey…

The BBC’s promo is here and gives hints of Sherlock, Quirke, Ripper Street and much more.

Very slick and exciting!

Elephants Can Remember Trailer

Check out David Suchet as Poirot in this new promo for Christie’s Elephants Can Remember coming to ITV this Sunday June 9th.

Poirot is Back in Elephants Can Remember

Get ready everyone — on Sunday, June 9th from 8 to 10 David Suchet is back as Poirot on ITV.  Elephants Can Remember, which also sees the return of mystery novelist Ariadne Oliver, will be the first of the final five Poirot stories that Mr. Suchet has yet to bring to life.  The series will culminate with Curtain — Poirot’s last case.

Interesting Aside: Elephants Can Remember was actually the last Poirot novel that Agatha Christie wrote.  To ensure that both fans and the character received a satisfying conclusion, she had written Curtain decades earlier.  She kept the manuscript locked away in the bank until she could no longer write and then she authorized its publication – the last novel published before her death.

PBS is due to air these episodes in 2014.  I’ll send along details as they become available.