Elephants Can Remember Trailer

Check out David Suchet as Poirot in this new promo for Christie’s Elephants Can Remember coming to ITV this Sunday June 9th.

Poirot is Back in Elephants Can Remember

Get ready everyone — on Sunday, June 9th from 8 to 10 David Suchet is back as Poirot on ITV.  Elephants Can Remember, which also sees the return of mystery novelist Ariadne Oliver, will be the first of the final five Poirot stories that Mr. Suchet has yet to bring to life.  The series will culminate with Curtain — Poirot’s last case.

Interesting Aside: Elephants Can Remember was actually the last Poirot novel that Agatha Christie wrote.  To ensure that both fans and the character received a satisfying conclusion, she had written Curtain decades earlier.  She kept the manuscript locked away in the bank until she could no longer write and then she authorized its publication – the last novel published before her death.

PBS is due to air these episodes in 2014.  I’ll send along details as they become available.