What Remains – New Crime Drama Coming Soon to BBC

The first of four episodes of new series What Remains will air on the BBC sometime between Saturday, August 24th and Friday, August 30th.

When a couple moves into a small apartment building they follow a leak in their ceiling and discover the remains of a former tenant who disappeared two years ago – not that any of her fellow inhabitants reported her missing.

The cop assigned to the case is one week away from retirement (which he’s dreading) and becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth.  As he investigates, each one of the tenants will be revealed to be more than they seem.

I’ll pass along the exact air date once it’s set.  In the meantime, you can read a more detailed synopsis here.

Vera Series 3 – Finally a Few Details

ITV has released the press pack for series 3 of Vera.  Go here for a summary of each of the four new episodes: Castles in the Air, Poster Child, Young Gods, and Prodigal Son.  It appears that the series may begin in either the last week of August or the first week of September.  I’ll pass along the exact date and time once it is announced.

New Shows Still to Come This Year

Luther may have concluded its final series this week in suitably operatic fashion (although US viewers will have to wait until September) and Endeavour completes its run this Sunday on PBS, but never fear — there’s more to look forward to.

Here are just a few of the coming -soons:

BBC cop dramedy New Tricks will begin its tenth series next week on July 30th.  This time out the series may see a few episodes more heavily weighted on the drama side as two of the main characters are being written out this season.

On PBS The Lady Vanishes will play on August 18th and series seven of Foyle’s War, set in the post war era with Foyle now working for MI5, will begin broadcasting on September 15th.

Also, not yet scheduled but said to be airing this year:  the third series of Vera and the fourth series of Whitechapel both on ITV, and the BBC’s Quirke about a 1950s Dublin pathologist/investigator starring Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, In Treatment) and Michael Gambon (Dumbledore from Harry Potter and many other excellent things).  The Quirke DVD has a release date of August 26th so presumably the three 90 minute episodes will air soon.

Of course there will also be series four of Downton Abbey, The Paradise series 2, Sherlock (maybe), and more.  As dates and times become available I’ll pass them along.

The 2013 Masterpiece Mystery! Season Starts this Sunday on PBS

The first episode of the final series of Inspector Lewis will kick things off this Sunday June 16th at 9pm.  Check out this clip from the first episode, a preview of the series as a whole, and a general promo for the entire Masterpiece Mystery! season — you’ll catch glimpses of Endeavour, Foyle’s War, Silk and The Lady Vanishes.

The Mystery! schedule is as follows:  Lewis will be on for the next three Sundays followed by Endeavour for four weeks, The Lady Vanishes airs on August 18th, Silk for three weeks from August 25th, and finally Foyle’s War on September 15, 22 and 29.

Each episode will be available online for a limited time after its airdate.

Aside: David Suchet’s documentary style trip on the Orient Express will air at 8pm this Sunday, right before Lewis.  It’s worth checking out.

Aside 2:  It’s been announced that Downton Abbey will return for its fourth season on January 5th, 2014.

Luther Series 3 Trailer

Check out the new trailer here.  Yikes! Looks like dangerous times ahead for Luther.

There’s also this clip from the first episode that introduces an obsessive anti-corruption cop who is out to bring Luther down.

Coming in July to the BBC and in September to BBC America.

The Wrong Mans

This looks like fun – two ordinary guys get pulled into an international crime conspiracy/caper when one of them answers the wrong phone at the scene of an accident.

No official air date yet but it’s rumored to be coming sometime this summer to Hulu and the BBC.

The six 30 minute episodes will feature a great cast of well-known British actors.  Here’s a short trailer to whet your appetite.

Elephants Can Remember Trailer

Check out David Suchet as Poirot in this new promo for Christie’s Elephants Can Remember coming to ITV this Sunday June 9th.

Poirot is Back in Elephants Can Remember

Get ready everyone — on Sunday, June 9th from 8 to 10 David Suchet is back as Poirot on ITV.  Elephants Can Remember, which also sees the return of mystery novelist Ariadne Oliver, will be the first of the final five Poirot stories that Mr. Suchet has yet to bring to life.  The series will culminate with Curtain — Poirot’s last case.

Interesting Aside: Elephants Can Remember was actually the last Poirot novel that Agatha Christie wrote.  To ensure that both fans and the character received a satisfying conclusion, she had written Curtain decades earlier.  She kept the manuscript locked away in the bank until she could no longer write and then she authorized its publication – the last novel published before her death.

PBS is due to air these episodes in 2014.  I’ll send along details as they become available.

The Fall Available Online Now

Just a reminder to North American viewers that as of today (May 28th) all five episodes of the first series of the BBC’s serial killer crime drama The Fall are available streaming online on Netflix.

The BBC’s deal with Netflix gives viewers the opportunity to watch the series while it’s still being broadcast in the UK.

Also good news for fans is that a second series has been commissioned.  It appears that the first series may end on a cliff hanger so that the second series will pick up with the same killer rather than with a fresh case.

Happy marathon viewing!