Yikes! — Too Far to Fall is out in the world

Well, the day has finally arrived. After years of drafts, edits, queries, and contests, my mystery novel, Too Far to Fall, is finally out in the world.

It is so strange to see my name and ebook on Amazon and Indigo and Barnes & Noble—just like it’s a real thing that I actually did.

Too Far to Fall was long listed for the CWA Debut Dagger and shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel. I hope that readers who like traditional/amateur sleuth mysteries will enjoy what they find.

The Crime Vault – Little Brown Book Group Launches eBook site for Crime Fiction

Check this out.  Little Brown Book Group has launched a crime fiction ebook site called The Crime Vault.  The listed authors are organized into the following categories: award-winning, crime fiction, detective & PI, thriller, and true crime.  Most of the categories are even further broken down so that you can focus your search on the exact sub-genre that interests you.  For example, the crime fiction category is subdivided into historical, mystery, psychological and supernatural.

The links for actually purchasing the listed ebooks are all UK, New Zealand or Australian sources, but the site is still very useful for searching for new crime authors.  I’ve already discovered three new-to-me authors that I’m eager to try out.

The site also features interviews with popular crime writers such as (so far) Val McDermid and Charles Finch, as well as links to other crime fiction resources and a list of crime fiction festivals.

New Sources for Reissued Classics and Translated French Crime Novels

I’ve been known to spend hours searching online for some hard to find edition of an out-of-print crime novel – wading through descriptors like fine, edgeworn, foxed, price clipped, etc. in search of that single bright, tight copy.  Not everyone has the time, patience, or desire for such obsessive activities.  Fortunately, there are an increasing number of places to track down these novels in eBook form.

Here are two such sources that I’ve recently come across:

1) The Murder Room – This site, launched by the Orion Publishing Group, is dedicated to making classic, hard to find, or out-of-print crime novels available in eBook form.  The site is fairly new but already has some 100 or so books available.  The Murder Room also has interesting articles, news, competitions, etc. that should appeal to crime fiction fans.

2)  Le French Book – This is a new eBook publisher that will focus on making French novels (especially crime novels) available in translation.  Many people, myself included, are familiar with only a few French crime authors, Fred Vargas chief among them.  Le French Book wants to change that.

I’m particularly interested in Treachery in Bordeaux, the first in The Winemaker Detective Series.   There are apparently already 20 books published in the series in France!  There’s also a tv adaptation that looks quite promising.  Let’s hope someone picks it up for subtitle presentation.

Does anyone know of any other sources for out-of-print or hard to find crime novels?