Coming Soon (ish) to PBS

These shows have already aired (or are currently running) in the UK, but US fans won’t have to wait for too long —

Series 3 of Call The Midwife will debut on March 30th.

The second series of The Bletchley Circle will begin on Sunday, April 13th.

Last Tango in Halifax, series 2, will air starting June 29th.

Visit PBS for more information about these and other shows coming in 2014.

Inspector George Gently and DCI Banks are Back

Fans of 60s era Northumberland crime drama, George Gently, will be happy to know that both Inspector Gently and DS Bacchus survived the gunshot wounds they received at the end of the last series.  They may be slightly battered (especially Bacchus) but they’ll soon be back at work solving four new cases.

Episode one is set to air on Thursday, February 6th.

Also returning is moody Yorkshire crime drama DCI Banks.  The series, based on the novels of Peter Robinson, will consist of six new episodes (three two-part stories).   You can watch the trailer here and then tune in to ITV on Monday, February 3rd for the first episode.

In the US George Gently is available for streaming on Netflix and Acorn TV.  The first two series of DCI Banks were broadcast on PBS so there is hope that the third may find its way here as well.


Foyle Returns — Again!

Despite some rumors to the contrary, ITV has just announced that Foyle’s War will return for three new episodes.  Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks will reprise their roles, which will see Foyle and Sam caught up, once again, in the dangerous world of post-WWII espionage.

The new series is expected to air in early 2015.

True Detective – Something deep and dark

HBO’s new eight episode crime drama True Detective debuts on January 12th.  The show stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as former Louisiana homicide detectives who are called back when a present day case echoes a ritualized murder that they investigated in 1995.

If that premise isn’t enough to signal that this is no happily ever after, justice prevails sort of tale, then the trailer should do it.

Despite making use of a few well-worn tv premises, early reviews suggest that the quality of the acting, directing, and production, as well as the palpable Louisiana setting, make this iteration well worth watching.