Sherlock and Watson talk Series 3

For all those waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for series three of the BBC’s excellent Sherlock to air, here’s a little something to tide you over.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both very much in demand so neither one could be present for this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, but they both sent along video messages which you can watch online at Masterpiece.

If you weren’t already a fan of these two charming gentlemen this just might do it.

At Comic-Con a few more details about what to expect in the new series (e.g. Watson’s wedding with Sherlock as best man!) were revealed.   You can check them out here.

One thought on “Sherlock and Watson talk Series 3

  1. This is great. I am waiting for S3. Currently watching: Orange is the new black Recently watched: Arrow

    🙂 Super hot here – 44*C and a tornado watch. Dear gawd I need to get insurance!


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