Veronica Mars Movie!

The excellent news that a Veronica Mars movie is finally going to be made has already been widely reported, but as a fan of the show I couldn’t resist passing along the info myself.

The show, cancelled after only three seasons due to low viewership, was about a teenage girl sleuth who delivered comeuppance to evil-doers through the wily use of smarts, guts and experience.

Veronica Mars has been off the air for over five years but fans (few in number perhaps, but mighty in enthusiasm) as well as star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas, never gave up hoping that a Veronica Mars movie might someday be made — despite a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the studio.

Rob Thomas decided to use Kickstarter to try to get the money he needed to make it happen.  Kickstarter is an online fundraising tool that invites individuals to help fund creative projects by making contributions.  There are often giveaways attached to your contribution, from T-shirts and digital downloads of the completed project, to the chance to be an extra in the film or to attend the red carpet premiere.

Thomas set a goal of two million dollars with only a month in which to raise it.  That number was reached within the first 10 hours.  We, the fans, have spoken!

The movie is going to film over the summer and have a digital and limited theatre release early in 2014.

It’s an interesting idea that has a lot of potential, allowing fans to directly contribute to the creation of the projects that they want to see.

Any US fans-to-be can check out the first two seasons of the show streaming online on the WB.

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