It Begins! New 2013 BBC and ITV Crime Drama Premieres

These are obviously UK transmission dates – but still!  It’s the first step to getting these shows over here.

Lightfields — The five-part supernatural drama starts tomorrow (Wednesday, February 27th) on ITV.

Mayday — This BBC crime drama concerns the disappearance of a young girl but focuses on the family, friends, and neighbors surrounding the crime instead of taking a police procedural approach.  It begins on Sunday, March 3rd and continues over the following four nights.

Broadchurch — This eight-part crime drama about the mysterious death of a young boy in a small town in Dorset starts Monday, March 4th on ITV.

Shetland — The two-part crime drama will broadcast March 10th and 11th on BBC.

New BBC Drama Trailer

If you haven’t already seen this check it out.  The BBC has released a new 3 minute trailer chock-full of tantalizing snippets of their upcoming dramas including: Sherlock (although apparently old footage), Top of the Lake, Quirke (Gabriel Byrne as a 1950s Dublin pathologist/crime solver), Luther (with a welcome glimpse of the devilish Alice Morgan), crime thriller The Fall with Gillian Anderson (X Files, Great Expectations, Bleak House) and many more.

Also of interest, a new trailer for Orphan Black, the BBC America clone thriller coming March 30th, and one for Lightfields, a supernatural thriller by ITV in the style of 2011’s Marchlands.

Goodbye to Lewis… Probably

On Monday night in the UK the last episode of Lewis aired on ITV.  Stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox have both decided that they want to try new things.

However, the show continues to be a ratings winner for ITV and the network is loath to give it up entirely.   The latest news is that while there will definitely be at least a year’s hiatus, there is a possibility that they could come back and do a few episodes, perhaps one offs, at a later date.

This possibility provides a small bit of hope for fans but since it seems to depend largely upon Laurence Fox and his wife Billie Piper (of Doctor Who fame) not doing well with their proposed assault on Hollywood, it doesn’t seem quite right to wish for it!  Also, Kevin Whately, who has played Lewis on an off for 25 years, is feeling a bit jaded — and he doesn’t even like crime dramas!

US and Canadian fans still have the last season to look forward to as it won’t broadcast on PBS until sometime in the fall.

Oh well, we’ll just have to soothe ourselves with the first series of the Morse prequel, Endeavour, which is due to air sometime this year.