Top of the Lake – New Zealand Based Sundance Channel Mystery/Drama Coming in March

This miniseries has potential – the type of show that throws a lot of eerie and harrowing in along with excellent production values and quality acting.  The seven part series will premiere on March 18th on the Sundance Channel and centers around the pregnancy of the 12-year-old daughter of a local drug lord and her subsequent disappearance.

Top of the Lake was directed by Jane Campion of The Piano fame, and stars Elisabeth Moss (think Mad Men’s Peggy and Zoey Bartlett from West Wing) as the detective, newbie Kiwi actress Jacqueline Joe as the missing child and Holly Hunter (of the aforementioned The Piano) as an oracle/wise woman figure.

You can check out a few teaser trailers here and read some of the press covering the debut of the series at the Sundance Film festival (they actually aired the whole seven hours back to back with only one intermission and a short lunch break!) here.