A Quick Luther Update

Luther started filming series 3 about a month ago and now a few details about the four new episodes have been released.

The excellent Warren Brown and Dermot Crowley will both be back helping Luther tackle two conflicting crimes while an ex-cop (possibly the guy that Luther framed for murder who worked for that extremely nasty woman in series 2?) schemes to take Luther down.

Also, a new love interest!

I wish everyone happy holidays/days off if you have them and I’ll be back in the new year!

The Crime Vault – Little Brown Book Group Launches eBook site for Crime Fiction

Check this out.  Little Brown Book Group has launched a crime fiction ebook site called The Crime Vault.  The listed authors are organized into the following categories: award-winning, crime fiction, detective & PI, thriller, and true crime.  Most of the categories are even further broken down so that you can focus your search on the exact sub-genre that interests you.  For example, the crime fiction category is subdivided into historical, mystery, psychological and supernatural.

The links for actually purchasing the listed ebooks are all UK, New Zealand or Australian sources, but the site is still very useful for searching for new crime authors.  I’ve already discovered three new-to-me authors that I’m eager to try out.

The site also features interviews with popular crime writers such as (so far) Val McDermid and Charles Finch, as well as links to other crime fiction resources and a list of crime fiction festivals.