Orphan Black – Another Original Drama Coming to BBC America

Following on the heels of the critical and ratings success of BBC America’s historical crime drama, Copper, comes Orphan Black.

The premise of the BBC America/SPACE co-production is as follows:  A street-wise orphan witnesses a suicide and decides to take over the dead woman’s identity.  It helps that the two women are so similar that they could be identical twins.  Of course the truth (or the beginning of the truth) is much more bizarre.  The dead woman is our heroine’s clone and suddenly she is in the midst of a dangerous, murky conspiracy.  She must uncover the truth about her own identity and past while staying a step ahead of the assassin on her trail.


Orphan Black is not being promoted as a crime drama – it will be broadcast as part of the network’s Supernatural Saturdays and the idea of human cloning is at its foundation – however as one of the producers says:  “Orphan Black has the perfect blend of excitement, mystery and action.”

A loner, underdog heroine with a past shrouded in mystery, a twisty conspiracy, an assassin on the loose…  I’ll certainly be giving it a chance.

The show is slated for release in spring 2013.  As we get closer and promos and teasers are released I’ll pass them on.

Note:  Copper fans will be pleased to know that BBC America has already renewed the show for a second season.

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