Upcoming ITV Dramas – A Tantalizing Trailer

There’s little I enjoy more than a BBC or ITV trailer showcasing intriguing snippets of their upcoming shows.  Check out this ITV promo for their fall/winter dramas.  Of course outside of the UK it can take quite a while for most of these shows to reach us.  We have to rely on PBS and BBC America to bring them over — but if you really can’t wait, or to get hold of some of the series that never do make the jump, consider investing in a region free (code free) DVD player.  Then you can order the British Region 2 DVDs.

Interesting Note:  One of the new shows teased in this promo is Mr. Selfridge.  Set in 1909 it’s about the flamboyant American founder of the London department store.  As a PBS co-production it will be on Masterpiece in early 2013!

New episodes of Endeavour (the Morse sequel, now turned series), Poirot, Miss Marple and Lewis will also be co-produced.

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