Louise Penny on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition

On the August 26th broadcast of CBC radio’s the Sunday Edition there was an interview with international bestselling crime author (and fellow Canadian) Louise Penny.  In it the author talks about her new Chief Inspector Gamache novel, The Beautiful Mystery.  I haven’t read it yet but I definitely will.  It’s set in an isolated monastery in which all of the monk inhabitants have taken a vow of silence (excluding Gregorian chanting of course) – quite a challenge for a murder investigation!

The interview was a part of the Sunday Edition’s ongoing beach reads series – books of all kinds by Canadian writers that are good bets for an enjoyable summer read.  At the end of the interview it was mentioned that Louise Penny’s first Chief Inspector Gamache novel, Still Life, is going to be made into a tv movie.  Check out the press release details here on Louise’s blog.  Here’s hoping that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) does as fine a job with it as the BBC or ITV might.

Interesting Note:  The interviewer asked Louise Penny what she’s reading this summer.  She recommended non-fiction crime novel The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher.  The novel, by Kate Summerscale, is about one of the first great Scotland Yard detectives and the 1860 murder case that ruined his career.  ITV made a series based on the novel.  I’ve neither read the book nor seen the series but an endorsement from Ms. Penny is enough to encourage me to give both a try.

Interesting Note 2:  This evening I’m actually going to go hear Louise Penny give a reading from A Beautiful Mystery.

Interesting Note 3:  For more interviews, info, links, etc. featuring Canadian and international authors check out The Next Chapter – a CBC Radio program hosted by the very charming Shelagh Rogers.

BBC One Original British Drama – Trailers

Last week a taste of upcoming ITV dramas, this week fall/winter BBC trailers.

On the crime drama front there are quite a few new shows to look forward to:   Ripper Street set in 1889 Whitechapel with an all-star cast, Good Cop starring Luther’s Warren Brown, Shetland a new Ann Cleeves adaptation following the excellent Vera from ITV, spy style thriller Hunted, and creepy ghost story/mystery The Secret of Crickley Hall.

Check out the clips here.

When (and if) US air dates become available I’ll pass the info along.

Interesting Note: The only – very brief – clip of Shetland is in the general BBC One Original British Drama Trailer.  For more info on the two-part series check out Ann Cleeves’ site.

Upcoming ITV Dramas – A Tantalizing Trailer

There’s little I enjoy more than a BBC or ITV trailer showcasing intriguing snippets of their upcoming shows.  Check out this ITV promo for their fall/winter dramas.  Of course outside of the UK it can take quite a while for most of these shows to reach us.  We have to rely on PBS and BBC America to bring them over — but if you really can’t wait, or to get hold of some of the series that never do make the jump, consider investing in a region free (code free) DVD player.  Then you can order the British Region 2 DVDs.

Interesting Note:  One of the new shows teased in this promo is Mr. Selfridge.  Set in 1909 it’s about the flamboyant American founder of the London department store.  As a PBS co-production it will be on Masterpiece in early 2013!

New episodes of Endeavour (the Morse sequel, now turned series), Poirot, Miss Marple and Lewis will also be co-produced.

The Closer

Farewell to The Closer! I’ll miss you.

If you’re a crime tv enthusiast (even if, like me, you tend to prefer British shows) and haven’t yet given The Closer a chance — you should. Throughout seven seasons almost every episode was good and many were truly excellent.

Crime Drama on BBC America – Copper, Ripper Street and The Spies of Warsaw (and a bit of Luther news)

BBC America has three new crime drama offerings coming soon that look interesting.

Copper – (BBC America) premiering August 19, 2012

A crime drama set in New York City in the 1860s centering around a former boxer who becomes a cop when he returns from the Civil War only to find that his wife is missing and his daughter is dead.  Scarred by his wartime experiences he must search for the truth about what happened to his family while fighting rampant corruption and violence.

Ripper Street (BBC America co-production) Dramaville Fall 2012

An eight part crime drama set in 1889 Whitechapel in the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders.  Great cast, producers, etc.  I have high hopes.

The Spies of Warsaw (BBC America co-production) Dramaville Fall 2012 (?)

A four part mini-series based on Alan Furst’s novel of the same name.  This series, starring Doctor Who’s David Tennant, is a spy story set in the time just before WWII.  The cast is fantastic and it looks like the production is going to be of a very high quality.

Luther Note:  I love this show.  I know that many people feel that it’s over the top but I am more than willing to suspend a bit of rationality to watch Idris Elba, Dermot Crowley and Warren Brown in action.  A third series has been commissioned but no word yet, so far as I know, on when it’s due to air.  I do know that it’s going to be the last series.  There has been some talk of a film being made but…

Unfortunately Ruth Wilson, who plays the wonderfully deranged Alice Morgan, is not listed among the principle cast for series three.  My feelings about the character of Alice Morgan remind me of a previous post about the character of Erica Burgoyne in Josephine Tey’s A Shilling for Candles – I know that there’s no possible, logical way that Alice could be a main character (she’s an escaped mentally ill killer on the run after all) but I don’t care.  More Ruth Wilson!  (Speaking of—if you do want to see more of her work I think that the Masterpiece version of Jane Eyre with Wilson as Jane is by far the best.)