Crime/Mystery TV News — Flavia de Luce and Lewis

Award winning Canadian author Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce mysteries have been optioned by Sam Mendes of Neal Productions (think Call the Midwife).  See details here.

A clever, poison mad, lonely 11-year-old girl sleuth, a 1950s English country house setting… What could be better?  This project will probably be some time in the making but I think it could be really good.  Definitely something to look forward to.

In Lewis news…

If you’re not already watching, the latest season of Lewis is currently (July 2012) being shown on PBS on Sunday nights.  In a recent interview Laurence Fox (Detective Sergeant Hathaway) said that the next series of the show will be the last one – so enjoy it while you can!

If you’ve never watched the show I’ll say that while some critics may feel that the plots get a bit needlessly involved, I could watch Inspector Lewis and DS Hathaway just sit and drink beer by a river all day long, let alone wander through the beautifully lit byways of Oxford for a bit of crime solving.

In related news, and as balm to the upcoming loss of Lewis, Endeavour, the Morse prequel that aired earlier this month on PBS, has been commissioned by ITV for a four episode series so we won’t have to give up on the Morse/Lewis universe entirely.  Of course (of course!) there are always the original Colin Dexter novels to turn to as well.

Any Lewis or Flavia fans out there?

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