The Snick – not the Snark

The Snick is a term coined, as far as I know, by wonderful YA author Laini Taylor to refer to that moment of certainty, that feeling you get when you hit on the just-right plot idea, image, line of dialogue, etc. that is true and right for your story.

Nothing against Lewis Carroll but searching for this – the snick – seems a far better pursuit than hunting for something that, in the unlikely event that you ever found it, might make you disappear forever.

So that is what I’m going to try to do here – chronicle some of my attempts to search out the snick.  But not only, not even mainly, in terms of my own writing.

The snick can be found in all sorts of places.  You read the first page of a book, you watch the opening sequence of a tv show or movie, you hear a chord of music, or you look out the window and the sun filters through the trees at just the right angle and it comes over you — the “ah! this is going to be good” feeling.  Sometimes it’s a settle in, comfy sensation, sometimes a thrill of anticipation, it might soothe or it might energize – but whatever form it takes you know it when you get it.

The snicks I’ll talk about here will be primarily those that I have discovered in crime novels and British television dramas but there will be other stuff too and I hope that anyone who visits will let me know what snicks for them — whatever it may be.

2 thoughts on “The Snick – not the Snark

  1. yay, i’m so happy you started to blog. i sure the snick will reveal itself to you offten. i didn’t know you loved british crime drama – me too. i bought a universal dvd player so i could order dvds from the uk and europe.
    bev xx

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